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My week

I played outside and did Minecraft.  The next day I played Minecraft for the whole day.  Then yesterday I played outside for half the day and played Minecraft for half the day.  Today I was going to play Minecraft but it didn’t work and so I got a different computer and played Minecraft Minecraft and then after that I played real life Minecraft in there and then I did the drum circle and then I went to Andrew’s birthday.

I like playing Minecraft because I get to build stuff and it’s a video game and I like that you get to build with blocks.  Did a few building challenges where I got to build stuff like a sandwich and a trophy.

I loved the drum circle because I got to play the drums and I got to see the new instruments and I got to make new instruments.

I played with Zack and Andrew and Ayan and Dan this week.

Next week I intend to not be on electronics so much.  I think that being on electronics all the time will ruin my school year and I won’t do all the things I want to do but I still might be on them.


Insert from Nancy: This week in Spawn Point, I asked the kids to choose some categories for “ways to spend time at school” that felt really important to them. Then we color coded each category to see how many things we do each day in those categories when we reflect. At the end of the day, the kids color their stickies if they match a category and store them in the labeled envelope. Here’s Caleb’s:


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  1. NancyT says:

    This week we will be camping so you’ll have a lot of time outside! I saw you doing lots of cool things in Minecraft with Zack on Tuesday too. What I’m reading in your post is that you are hoping to find more balance of outdoor/indoor play in your life.

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