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The Awesome Week

What did you enjoy doing this week?

I enjoyed playing disc golf because it was fun and I got one of them in a par. I also enjoyed going to the Daniel Stowe Botanical garden when I got wet. My favorite little house there was the nest. It was under a tree and looked like from the outside like a big twig pile, but when you got to the inside it was literally like a home.

Were there things you didn’t like doing this week?

Jackson and I fighting yesterday.

What do you imagine yourself doing next week?

Holding a big, big sandwich. I want to make a big, big sandwich.


This week’s reflection survey:¬†

This week I..

Tried something new: Kind of (I went to the park again and I don’t like doing things I’ve already done, but I did it)

Felt great about the choices I made: yes

Took care of my emotional self: Yes

Took care of my physical self: Yes

Took care of my community: Yes

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