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Field Trip`s

On Monday I play with Zack and I went to Jordyn`s around the sun and I Otrio and I listened to the Pug song

On Tuesday I went to the big history project and I went to clay works, and that was all.

On Wednesday I Went to the Mint museum and played with Ayan

On Thursday I played with Zack, I did Mystery science and I played outside.

On Friday I went to the McColl center, and that was all.

March 5-8

Monday I played outside w/Zack and played w/Ayan inside. I also played Minecraft.

Tuesday I went to see the movie Black Panther again.

Wednesday I wasn’t at school because I was sick.

Thursday I played Minecraft, talked to Zack, went to punctuation class, went to fraction class, and I talked to Ayan.

Friday I played Minecraft with Gabe, Will and Zack. I also played outside.

12 and up trip.

On the trip we went to a serpentarium, aquarium and to a fort.  My favorite part was the aquarium. At the touch pool we got to touch a stingray. They are my favorite ocean animal. At the aquarium we got to see an albino alligator. We stayed at Zack’s grandma’s condo and I got to make pancakes for breakfast one morning.


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The Awesome Week

What did you enjoy doing this week?

I enjoyed playing disc golf because it was fun and I got one of them in a par. I also enjoyed going to the Daniel Stowe Botanical garden when I got wet. My favorite little house there was the nest. It was under a tree and looked like from the outside like a big twig pile, but when you got to the inside it was literally like a home.

Were there things you didn’t like doing this week?

Jackson and I fighting yesterday.

What do you imagine yourself doing next week?

Holding a big, big sandwich. I want to make a big, big sandwich.


This week’s reflection survey: 

This week I..

Tried something new: Kind of (I went to the park again and I don’t like doing things I’ve already done, but I did it)

Felt great about the choices I made: yes

Took care of my emotional self: Yes

Took care of my physical self: Yes

Took care of my community: Yes

The best year ever

I got a new computer and got to bring it to school for the first time. I got a new game I never played before called Dragmon Hunter and I got some cool dragons on it.


Zack and I played this new game that we made up. The game is where you choose your own character and a time period and act it out. We played that outside.


I felt really good this week because I was happy.

My week

I played outside and did Minecraft.  The next day I played Minecraft for the whole day.  Then yesterday I played outside for half the day and played Minecraft for half the day.  Today I was going to play Minecraft but it didn’t work and so I got a different computer and played Minecraft Minecraft and then after that I played real life Minecraft in there and then I did the drum circle and then I went to Andrew’s birthday.

I like playing Minecraft because I get to build stuff and it’s a video game and I like that you get to build with blocks.  Did a few building challenges where I got to build stuff like a sandwich and a trophy.

I loved the drum circle because I got to play the drums and I got to see the new instruments and I got to make new instruments.

I played with Zack and Andrew and Ayan and Dan this week.

Next week I intend to not be on electronics so much.  I think that being on electronics all the time will ruin my school year and I won’t do all the things I want to do but I still might be on them.


Insert from Nancy: This week in Spawn Point, I asked the kids to choose some categories for “ways to spend time at school” that felt really important to them. Then we color coded each category to see how many things we do each day in those categories when we reflect. At the end of the day, the kids color their stickies if they match a category and store them in the labeled envelope. Here’s Caleb’s:



I played w/ayan The name of the game is the game we played last time.

I made a painting and it was a Yoshi painting. I worked really really hard on it. I had to shade it, I had to do the outline, and I had to take my time and not rush.



The Nothing

I had fun with Zack playing the game we always play. There are no rules. You chose your own character and fight with imaginary people.


Interrupting Vanessa

I went to a play called, “Interrupting Vanessa.” It was really cool and it wasn’t really interrupting Vanessa. There was this really weird boy that threw up because a guy punched him in the stomach, so then whenever that guy who punched him made a fist he threw up. There was no interrupting Vanessa. It was really really cool.


Fun is awesome. Snowboarding was awesome. Playing with Tino was awesome. I played really cool games with him, like the game Patrick.