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The studioi

This week my favorite thing was the studioi it’s a pretty cool place at Imaginon. It’s really fun you can dress up and you can make your own videos. I made myself turn invisible by using a blue blanket. The background of the screen was blue.

You can look at the video here.

Mosaic kids 2 – Small (1)

The Little Gentleman @ Imaginon

He didn’t have a friend for a long time and then he found a dog. And after a long time the girl came and he got mad because he thought the dog didn’t love him. But then he came back and they were all friends.

The best part was when they played all the music and when they made the thundering noise.

It showed us that you can always have a friend.

Reflections from this week.

I want to do math with Nancy on Monday. Playing with Zack this week felt good. I wish I could’ve played with Dean a little more. I want to play with Zack again next week. And I want to keep cartoon drawing.