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Sept 21 Week

I like disc golf because it’s fun to throw the discs.  You got to see how far you could throw the discs. Sometimes o did some really funny throws like hitting the tree over and over.  The first one I got really far.  I had Andrew, Jacob, Zach and Tomis on my team.  I want to do disc golf again.

I played with my friends on the hike- Zach, Andrew. Jacob, Charlotte, Jess and Jackson.  I saw some pretty cool weird bugs.  We saw a shedded snake – a snake skin.  Snakes shed their skin when it gets old and wrinkly and then they get new shiny skin.  It’s how they get bigger.i saw a dead mole like animal.  It’s in the family with moles and voles.  There was a tiny hole in the animal.  At first I felt sad for it when I thought it was a mole but then I realized it wasn’t a mole and so didn’t feel sad anymore because I only like moles.

I played a little electronics this week.  I had enough time to create.  It was the right amount of time for me this week.

I was in the bunny problem solving group. Wills afraid of the bunny but likes using the quiet room but people bring the bunny in there and make it loud.  We decided that the people who want to get the bunny out have to ask the people in the room and Will before taking it out.

Next week I want to have fun!

Sept 14 Week

I like to build cool sculptures in Minecraft.  It’s fun because you get to build with blocks.  Sometimes I do survival worlds where you have to get your own stuff.  In survival there are monsters and zombies and you can do different stuff that you can’t do in creative.

I went to freedom park and made two fairy villages with Will.  We built fairy houses.  After that we found frogs hopping around the fairy village.  Will found one two and we both had our own frogs.  We found some see shells to make cars for the frogs do they wouldn’t be tired.  We went down to the water and built them boats.  They got I. Their boats and liked them.

Next week I’m not going to play as minecraft because I have other things I want to do.  I’m going to ask one of the facilitators for help.  A few of the things I want to do are the sewing things and play outside.

I want Elle to come for a day, she makes everyone happy.  When Elle is there Zach will get off the computer right away to play outside.  But when I ask him to play outside I have to ask him like 10 times to get off the computer.